Aprilia SR50 weblinks.

I`m shopping for some spare parts (a light bulb to be more precise) for my scooter: Aprilia SR50 Ditech. There are not much online sources for my scooter Unless you want to buy engine/exhaust tuning stuff for it.

I made a lot of search online to find some useful links for my scooter. Here are some of them:

Aprilia forums Aprilia Scarabeo and SR50 Ditech forum (also there is a SR50 only forum)

Mopedwarehouse where i bought my replacement bulb (this is not the original bulb!)

Aprilia USA

Aprilia Parts Fiche: includes parts fiches for all Aprilia models. VERY INFORMATIVE. (My scooter`s diagrams)

AF1 Racing excellent customer service. Very good source for most of the Aprilia scooter parts.

Online Aprilia catalogs. Free downloads. PDF format.

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