Scooter Cannonball!

10 scooter riders are making the coast to coast adventure right now when I`m typing this on my blog. It is called the scooter cannonball. The “race” started from Virginia Beach, VA 12 days ago (Sept 10, 2005) and still going on now. Yesterday one of the riders got a nasty crash : I hope he will get well soon. This is a 3500-4000 miles (5500-6500 kilometers) endurance event according to their website. I wish a safe and speedy pace for them and quick recovery for Rob Downs who crashed yesterday. The race blog is here.

Good weekend!

I really had a good weekend. I met with friends, went clubbing, got drunk a bit, rode ~120 miles, ate good food, watched a good movie. What else do I need to be happy? I don`t know.

Sunday particularly was nice. I met with Atilla and Arman. Arman just got a 2005 FZ6. He had to spend some time on it. So we took him first to GW Parkway Southbound. There was some traffic, but the ride was ok as soon as we passed Old Town Alexandria. We made a mini stop at the house of George Washington @ Mount Vernon. Then went back to the Deluxe Diner near my house. Ate good food there with Ufuk joining us for company ; )

After the lunch we left Ufuk and headed GW Parkway northbound all the way to 495. There we met my colleague Ming and his heavily modified lovely Yamaha Shadow cruiser. We took the georgetown pike (very nice and twisty) to route 7 and we rode to Leesburg. There we parked the bikes and went to Georgetown Café to get some desserts. Very nice place, recommended. We jumped back to saddles and headed to Washington.

On the way back we followed route 7, georgetown pike, Rt 123, Canal road and we arrived at Georgetown. We did the glorious Georgetown ride and went back home. : ) ~112 miles in total. I have some pictures too. I`ll post them sooner or later : D

I was tired but Ufuk, Ozgur and Oyku were going to 40 year old virgin. So I joined them. I really liked the movie. I like Steve Carrel. He is a really good actor. : ) He was hilarious in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy as a retarded weatherman. : D I highly recommend this movie.

The only bad thing is that I missed my running day this Sunday. : But I think I compensated that with ~5 hours motorcycle riding : D I cannot run today either because I`m going to Stratovarious concert tonight. I can go back to running tomorrow.

Turkish Festival in Washington, DC

This year the Turkish Festival of Washington, DC area will take place on Sunday, October 2 2005. The exact location is on Pennsylvania Ave. between 12th and 14th Streets. Here is a google map for you. There will be a lot of activities, delicious food, good music, tons of kids activities during the festival. You can also get a lot of touristic information about Turkey during the festival since one of the main sponsors is Turkish Embassy Culture & Tourism Office.

For more info please go to Turkish Festival web page. Also, distribute the flyers (PDF), be a volunteer, do something!

I started running…

After realizing how my stamina is low by biking from home to work in 1 hours, I decided to do something about it. My mom is a track and field athlete, so it should have been in my genes! : ) I decided to start running. So in the near future if this blog turns on to a runner`s blog, bear with me… I`m not planing to do a marathon or iron man, I`m just trying to gain a bit more energy, kick out bad stuff from my system by sweating, lower my bad cholesterol, etc…

I can run straight for 3-5 mins now. In slow tempo. I know that it is ridicilous, but it shows how bad I am right now on stamina issue.

So my program is to run/walk every other day for at least 20 minutes non stop. I will keep a track of my minutes here on my blog.

Day 1: (09/10) I ran 3 mins, walked 3 mins, ran 3 mins, walked 5 mins, ran 3 mins and walked 5 mins.

Day 2: (09/12) I ran 5 mins, walked 3 mins, ran 4 mins, walked 5 mins, ran 5 mins, walked 3 mins, ran 4 mins.

Day 3: (09/14) I ran 5 mins, walked 3 mins, ran 3 mins, walked 2 mins, ran 5 mins, walked 2 mins, ran 5 mins, walked 2 mins, ran 2 mins (arrived to the car : ) )

Tomorrow another running day. If I can keep myself in a program like this, I will try to squeeze in cycling between running days. I need to come up with an exercise program with that too… But not now…

New Orleans not doing good…

Isn`t USA one of the richest countries in the world? Doesn`t USA go overseas to “save” non US citizens? Why the same USA is so fucking late to save people in New Orleans? WHERE R U? People are killing each other to survive! What happened to all these early warning systems? Why nobody listened to the authorities? Listen what the Mayor of New Orleans says to understand really what`s going on there. He`s very very pissed off. And he has right!

Aaaah, vacation.

I`m going to a vacation to here for the next 3-4 days. I will be sitting in a car for more than 20 hours in 3.5 days since we decided to make a roadtrip. I`m afraid I will be more tired than rested. 😛 But anyway. Vacation is vacation. I`ll get my laptop with me try to get pics and upload here as a photoblog. But I don`t promise! : D I might just be under the sun chilling and not even turning on the laptop.