Cellphone usage on airplanes.

It looks like soon we will be able to use cellphones on airplane travels. (At least over Europe) This article talks about new developments on regulations and technology.

Is there any place on earth where I can chill without a stupid person screaming his lungs out on a cellphone conversation around me?! The air travel has already became chaotic lately, and now I will have to deal with an idiot next to me talking all the flight… *sigh* 

How to clean the activexdebugger32.exe virus

From Emre virus labs:

This motherfucker virus was living in my parents` computers. (Since I use Linux I don`t have any as usual…) And it`s a pain in the ass…

What the virus does:

  • Shares your drives to the world as PATRON1, PATRON2, etc…
  • Copies itself to any writeable devices around you. USB sticks are great examples.
  • On a USB drive, it generates an autorun.inf file and a copy of itself. Each time you connect your USB drive it infects your computer again…
  • It uses the CPU at least to 70%… Noisy bitch…

How do you know that you are infected:

  • Press CTRL+Shift+Esc buttons. You`ll see the activexdebugger32.exe process running.
  • You can see a copy of the executable (activexdebugger32.exe) in your USB drives if you enabled the STUPID Windows to show you hidden files.

How to kill the bastard and have a nice smiley day/night (It`s 3am ok?) If you kill your computer i`m not responsible.

  • Plugin your USB stick (if you have one)
  • Kill the process activexdebugger32.exe
  • Delete the activexdebugger32.exe binary. It usually lives under c:windowssystem32 (or c:winntsystem32 depending your Windows installation)
  • open regedit. Go to the top of the tree on the left pane. hit F3 (or CTRL+L) to open the search dialog. type, yes you know it, activexdebugger32.exe, NUKE the damn registry entries wherever it`s found. (Search until the end)
  • Go to the root folder of your USB stick and delete, yes you`re right again, activexdebugger32.exe and autorun.inf
  • Update: Motherfucker leaves more trails… Delete the file NESNELER.EXE (meaning objects.exe in turkish) under c:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsTemp
  • Update: Delete all the files under C:windowssystem32 named: Ijl11.dll, KMON.OCX, KTKBDHK3.DLL, MSWINSCK.OCX, PAC, scrrntr.dll, scrrun.dll
  • Done.

Lastly, fuck microsoft and windows, have a nice life….

Update after 4 months: Damn I was angry when I wrote this. And it was 3 am. The entry was somewhat full of typos so i edited and changed some info. 😛