What`s going ooon?

It`s been a month and half that I didn`t write anything here. Why? Because I didn`t feel like. 😛

I still don`t feel like writing here anything, but if I start writing small by small maybe it will come back…

First of all, I went for a great vacation in Turkey. I was in Istanbul for more than a week. I spent some good time with my friends and family. Then I went to my summer/beach house in Çeşme. I spent a good two weeks there. Although I screwed my back there and I had to lay down for 4-5 days, it was nice to be with family! I also drove to Bodrum to meet Özgür, Ömür and Allison. I just stayed there for like 3 days but it was super fun : )

Turkey is definitely a great vacationland : D I love my country, super compact and you can find the best of everything very near to each other. The life there really rocks! : )

I started working today again 😛 After more than 3 weeks it sux : ) But I like what I`m doing right now. Hopefully things will be smooth in the future workwise.

I`m thinking about doing more sports. I already started another diet after my cholesterol results… 😛 Mom, dad, YES I`m taking my cholesterol pills : )  I will be walking more. I`m thinking about hiking a bit, since I`m living in a great place for hiking. Also the season is there. Foliage is approaching. So there is no better time. : )

I should also investigate local swimming pools. If they are good and clean, I will try to swim this year.

Other than that I have nothing to say 😛 Hopefully I will be back with more gibberish on my blog!