Firefox 2.0 is out!

So after the release of IE7, Mozilla firefox 2.0 is now out! Although it is not shown at the welcome page of the Mozilla site at this moment, it is being spread to firefox mirrors all accross the world. I downloaded mine from here.

Go ahead, spread the word, use it, abuse it, love it. : )

Listen! Now!

Lately I`ve been using amarok as a music player and I was quite happy with it. It all started as one day I realized that the amarok icon looked like 1 pixel size at the gnome notification area. I was trying to find a solution to that problem. Then in one forum I saw someone mentioning a player called Listen.

As a person who is eager to test new stuff, I wanted to give it a try. After all, it would be nice to have a similar program as amarok, with gnome integration. Listen is fully written in GTK, thus gnome look and feel is there.

After using extensively for the last few weeks, I realized that Listen is pretty powerful, somewhat “lightweight”, and can perform many things that amarok can. (and more) It has a simpler interface than amarok, and less buttons to click. CDburner, mp3 player integration, podcast (i hate this word…) management, interface to shoutcast internet radio, lyrics, wikipedia searches, assisted dynamic playlists, etc….

Here are some screenshots. (Click to zoom!)

It`s 2:36 AM…

And I`m still not sleepy! Fuck! I hate this… Sleeping is such a waste of time! :

And you, the blog comment spammer! Fuck you too! Don`t you see that I put a CAPTCHA there?! Stop spamming me. You cannot fill out my comment forms correctly anyway…

Correction: I got reddited… Those visitors were real. Sorry I never got reddited before. I got angry when I saw my log. : )

This is the article that went to reddit.

Update on Zipir`s health! :)

I wanted to update you guys on Zipir`s health. We visited him
yesterday, he still had the urinary thing (sonda) on him. He had a
looong pipe getiing out of his male organ thingy : ) And at the end of
it there was a human size urinary cathetar! YAZIK ZIPIRAAAA! (poor

He was much more active than the time we dropped him to the hospital.
He was of course trying to hide from everything.

I got a call from the doctor this morning. He said that he started to
pee, drink and eat all by himself. So this is very good news. I can
take him home today afternoon. So he`ll be home around 6-7 pm : )

Thanks for all who called and gave support on my sad day : )

Zipir is sick :(

This is from the email I sent to my friends: 

Yesterday (Oct 06) in the morning time we saw that he was a bit weak
and sometimes spacing out, somewhat not happy and he was moving a bit
slow motion. He was also spending some more time in his litter box
than normal. He was going in and out of the litter box, etc…

We thought that he was still not happy because I was out for the last
3 weeks. Then I went to work and came back, he was chilling in the
middle of my bedroom and he looked like he wasn`t paying attention to
whatever I say. I tried to play with him and he actually played with
me some time. So I thought he was fine.

I went out again and came back few hours later. We found him throwing
up in my room. After cleaning the mess, we saw that he looked like he
had some pain around the stomach area so we thought that he had an
upset stomach. We gave him some grass and he literally ate them all!
Then he threw up again, this time we saw a pinkish, reddish liquid
coming from his stomach. We feared that it was blood so around 12am,
we decided to take him to pet hospital emergency.

We took him to South Paws Animal hospital in Fairfax, the doctor
decided that he had clogging in his urinary system, and he basically
couldn`t pee : She said that this is somewhat a common problem for
the male cats. To get a second opinion we drove to Alexandria
Veterinary Emergency Service, and the doctor there said the same
thing, but charged us almost twice : So we took him back to South
Paws around 4 am.

As a result: They put a urinary catheter to flush out his bladder
which is going to stay on him for 12/24 hours. They also sedated/put
him to sleep during this. They are also going to make urine and blood
analysis to find out if this is caused by  urine crystalization or
other stuff… They will also observe him another 12 hours to make
sure that he can pee all by himself after they removed the catheter.
We expect him to be at home Sunday around 6-7 PM the best case

I`ll visit him today, and try to get some pics. I will share it with you.

Just wanted to let you Zipir lovers know.

Hopefully there is a heaven…

I just read that the most helpful, the nicest admin of the freenode irc servers passed away couple of days ago : Rob Levin, aka lilo, he was the father of freenode. Unfortunately I got the sad news very late : I don`t know what to say………… My sincere condolescences and prayers goes to his family and friends :

Mozilla firefox problem. [Solved]

Ok I had this NASTY problem with my mozilla firefox at my work computer. (Do I have to say that I`m using Linux? Yes! I DO! Anyway…) Whenever I scroll with my mouse up or down, firefox used to go back and forth in the history as I hit the top and bottom of the page. This might sound complicated, here I`ll try to explain more…

Example: Surf couple of pages, and at the last page, read the article, and scroll all the way to the top of the article using your mouse scroll button… BOOM! Firefox goes to the previous page I was looking at! (Sometime couple of pages)

First I thought this was a bug… But then I thought some “genius” might have put this in firefox as a “feature”… I kinda fucked my brain to find a solution for this and nothing… NADA… RIEN!

At last I found this line in my xorg.conf file:

Option “ZAxisMapping” “4 5 6 7”

This somehow tells X to use scroller as a vertical scroller as soon as it hits to the top of the page (or bottom)… Most of the browsers have this vertical scroller functions mapped to the history browsing (back and forth)… So I changed the line to:

Option “ZAxisMapping” “4 5”

Now I`m happy : )