Philips DVP642 region code hack.

I test drove yesterday the new GTI MK V. It is an awesome machine, a piece of art! But… This is another blog entry. Well, since I showed an extreme enthusiasm on the subject (e.g the new GTI) and the “fast” they handed me a DVD on the subject. It contains a very nice video of sketches about the “creation of the fast”

But unfortunately the video was for the wrong region! I think they somewhat mixed it with Europe… So I needed to find a region free DVD player. I happened to have one in fact Wink Philips DVP642! All you have to do is this:

Turn on the player
Open the DVD tray by pressing eject or holding the stop button for 2 seconds
Press 7 8 9
Press OK
Press 0

You should see a 0 at the bottom of your screen. Voilà! You have a region free DVD player!

(Nice trick to hold your Stop key for 2 secs for ejecting right? Wink That's what I thought so too!)

TinyMCE and my blog…

My blog is a collection of scripts that I have been writing for the last few years. The weakest part of it was the administration page. Since it was only me who were to see the admin page (hopefully hehe) it looked like crap.

I was also bored of writing lots of html tags to give a link to a site or to create a stupid image link, etc.. So I decided to use some WYSIWYG textareas to create the content.

I made some research on which rich textareas available and ended up with TinyMCE. This editor transforms all the textareas in your webpages to a WYSIWYG editor. So it is very easy to integrate in your current textareas. Also there is no serverside action, so it is pretty “secure”.

TinyMCE is also Open Source under LGPL. It is developed by Moxiecode Systems AB. It is platform independent and it supports Mozilla, MSIE, FireFox, Opera and experimentally Safari. (No Konqueror Frown ) It supports themes and it is very easy to add, remove buttons, customize and theme the TinyMCE.

Integrating TinyMCE to your current environment is really really easy All you have to do is to add some Javascripts (literally two lines) and it automagically converts all your textareas to a WYSIWYG editor Here is more on this.

Well, this will be my first blog entry using TinyMCE, so I'm crossing my fingers and submitting the story

Edit: It worked! YAY!

Edit2: For those who wonder how my admin page looks like, here is a screenshot. (It looks much less crappy now!

Edit Page

So, no news is good news?

This week Istanbul Bilgi University is hosting Free Software and Open Source Days. This is one of the biggest events in Turkey on the subject. But unfortunately, I don't see anything on the news about this event. And when I say news, I don't mean the mainstream media, nobody's blog, not even Fazlamesai talks about what is going on, how it went, etc…

I wanted to visit Freedays this year but unfortunately I couldn't find a gap from work to visit. (I need to fly aaaall the way to Turkey for this event…) Anyway, I'll keep an eye on galaksi, and gezegen. Hopefully someone writes a summary of the event soon.


On the phone, tech support hold…

I'm currently on the phone and on hold for the technical support. As usual I have some sort of music playing on the background. (Collin Raye – Couldn't Last A Moment) (Found the last song from or something like that!) Those songs always have some weird effect on me. I feel like at the end of each song the support guy will pick up the phone and answer my question… But it never happens, the next cheesy song comes and goes… (now it is playing Tina Turner – Proud Mary) Now that it goes along with the topic, I'm gonna write all the songs I listened during this hold… We can estimate my hold time like this… 😛

Billy Vera – At this moment

(aaaah good song! : D ) Beach Boys – California Girls

Pauletta Washington – It's In Your Eyes

Some talk with the support…

Police – Message in a bottle

The wait is over, the support couldn't fix my problem, I'm going home! 😛

An sftp/scp tip.

If you are going to transfer big files over sftp/scp on a fast network, I would recommend using blowfish encryption. This speeds up stuff a lot. (Faster upload download)

You can specify the encryption for scp by -c argument. For example:

# scp -c blowfish hebelek.tgz remoteuser@remotecomputer:/tmp

(If you are thinking how to type bold letters on a console… Please don't use sftp… ; ) )

OpenSSH rules : )

Here is your 5 seconds venting

I have a terrible headache, I got 2 excedrins, I need a couch (btw that fucking couch is over $900 in Turkey, in a country where people have much less buying power!), I need a new laptop, I need a new job, I need a less hairy cat, I'm heading to shower…

Edit: I need to do laundry too! FUCK!