What am i working on these days?

Not sorted in order of importance….

BelgeTR, a turkish document portal for turkish speaking Linux users. This used to be a very good project started by my friend Ferda. But it is waaay outdated and old now. So I am working on a better solution for that. A solution based on LinkBase.

– We are making all our servers compliant! This is a huge task and will require a big effort from security and system administration side. So… Patience!

– I`m working on updating my home machine. I have some specific drivers that I have to compile each time. (like hpt RAID, etc…) Gentoo just refuses to emerge world for some reason. ; )

– I still have to “framize” my laptop. I have all the software structure to turn it into a digital image display, but I still need to figure out how to remove the LCD and remount it as a frame. Thank god I managed my stupid Dlink wireless card working.

– I have to Beta test the PCMCIA kernel support for Uludag. Onur will kill me if not… : D

– Clean and detail my rims for winter storage. (well half of the winter is already gone but… : ) )

– More to come…

2.6.x at last!

At last I “migrated” to Linux kernel 2.6.10 from 2.4 series. My main problem was the support for hpt raid drivers. Now Highpoint has the drivers (v2.0) for the 2.6 kernel. Time + drivers = new kernel 😛 Yay! 2.6.10…

Ulusal Dağıtım. Pardus.

The guys in Uludağ project did an excellent job and released a Live CD of the distro (Pardus) that they are workin on it. The distro is called Uludağ – Ulusal Dağıtım. It means National Distribution in turkish. So far the visuals, the engine, the synergy is yummy! Right after the release of the CD the maillist is bombarded with great comments about the distro. I believe the Pardus community started to populate exponentially which is very very good.

The project has a big road to travel and big ambitions. I personally love to see this project a shining star in couple of years. I also registered to the bugzilla of the project and will try to help on debugging stuff, maybe not codewise but more usabilitywise. : )

I wish all the project members good luck and congratulations!