Middle button on Linux Mozilla Firefox

In Windows, Firefox has a nifty feature that was missing on Linux. If you click to a tab header with middle button on Windows it closes the tab. But in Linux it pastes copy/paste buffer as a URL to the location bar. To close that and make it running like it is in Windows all you have to do is:

– Go to your $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/<random characters>/

– Create a file called user.js (if it is not already there)

– Add this line in it:

user_pref(“middlemouse.contentLoadURL”, false);

– Restart your browser

Enjoy your middle button ; )

New Firefox is out.

The new Firefox 1.0 Preview release is out. I recommended several times from my blog to switch over from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox for Windows users. I repeat that again, and I will repeat it often. This is a lightening fast, small to download (only 4.5 MBs), open source and easy to use with excellent features over IE, web browser.

This version adds a nifty feature of find in page feature. When you press CTRL+F a search bar pops up at the base of the page and you can search on the fly (while you are typing) the interior of the page. Found terms automagically hilited in the page. Pressing enter takes you to the next found term. If nothing is found the search bar turns red so you don`t waste time. The search looks something like this.

Mozilla Firefox Find

Also for the bloggers, Now there are Live bookmarks which contain the RSS of your blogs, or of course the blogs that you like to read. I know that there are zillion RSS feed watchers out there but an RSS collector in your favourite browser is certainly a beautiful one stop shop : )

I must mention also that KDE`s konqueror does the same thing by adding a navigation menu on KDE 3.3. So you have an RSS tracker at the same place where you have your directories, filesystems, a mini media player, etc… Here is a screenshot from KDE. One pic is better than tenthousand words. ; )

Dungeons and Dragons Sessions restarted! :)

We started this weekend with some friends the second Dungeons and Dragons sessions. Mainly the first game was introducing new players to the game and character generation. I must admit that character generation for D&D newbies takes a lot of time. I recommend other DMs to create some pre-generated characters and put in a place handy. So that it will not ruin the fun of newbies trying to understand the game.

Anyway the party found themselves in a small town called Hommlet and are now trying to find their way to the Temple of Elemental Evil. Yes! This is the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil: An Adventure taking Characters From 4th to 14th Level (Dungeons & Dragons Adventure). And if you are the players, do not read the book to spoil the game : D otherwise DM`s wrath may struck you anytime! ; )

New motorcycle! VRUUMM!

😀 😀 😀 I got my bike last week. Since my blog was not functioning properly, I couldn`t write it down here as soon as possible. It is a 2002 Suzuki Bandit 600S. First it had an electrical glitch. I checked the main fuse on the bike and it was a bit loose. When I put it back firmly in place everything was working. Now I have to test it, but it looks rainy for whole weekend. 🙁

Anyway, I`m happy, here is a picture of my new bike