Each emerge -pv world creates a sweet thrill…

This time`s emerge -pv world was 70 packets, 100 MB source code download. And I do update my box pretty periodically.

Since I wanted to give a chance to Gnome a month ago, and the _stable_ version according to portage was the 2.4 version, I installed that one. So the main cause of that many packets was in fact the new _stable_ gnome is now: 2.6.

After the new merge, with the new version of gdm, my sessions are kinda screwed. I don`t have KDE session entries anymore. I am tied to GNOME right now.. NOT…

I made some research on this on gentoo forums and found this. So the new gdm reads its configs from /usr/share/xsessions from now on. (it used to be @ /etc/X11/Sessions) And the session syntax is totally changed. I wrote my own KDE startup thingy by looking to the fluxbox example there. Here is how it looks:

# cat kde.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=This session logs you into KDE-3.2.2
# no icon yet, only the top three are currently used

So I guess it works now

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