WOW OTP Goodness

OK, the title means: World of Warcraft One Time Password Goodness. 🙂

I just got my OTP generator from Blizzard. It has a nice horde colors touch. The activation was very simple. I was expecting that it would replace my static password, but it didn’t. Instead it asks your password first (what you know) then it asks the code generated by the token in a second window (what you have).

It’s very nice to see from a computer game vendor to use two factor authentication. And here is a picture 😉

WordPress 2.9 – Carmen is out

The new features are automatic upgrade of plugins, automatic check for their compatibility, image editing integration (Crop, flip, rotate, etc…). Including videos on your posts are also much easier. All you need to do is to paste the video page URL of the supported web sites (youtube, dailymotion, etc…)

The posts are not going to disappear when you accidentally delete them. The new version brings a trash notion where the deleted posts now go there.

Here is a good video of the release!