Scissors, and nail clippers on board! OMG! we are doomed!

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is now allowing passengers to carry small scissors and tools with you! I think this is a great risk for the airport and air transport security!!!! What if someone clipping his toe nail accidentally cuts the throat of the pilot?! I can`t even think about the consequences of this…

Before those tools were banned “for our safety“… What changed? Nothing… Anyway… There are the new rules in place:

— More additional screenings of passengers and their bags using a variety of methods selected at random

— Scissors with a cutting edge of four inches or less and tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers smaller than seven inches will be permitted on board. Regulations still ongoing

— Passengers will continue to walk through a metal detector and have their carry-on and checked baggage screened. These measures may now include a brief additional search of their person or their property.

— Examples of this additional screening include: explosive screening of shoes, hand-wanding of passengers, enhanced pat down searches and inspections of carry-on bags. These searches will be generated at random and will take only about a minute to complete.

— Scissors longer than four inches and tools such as crowbars, drills, hammers, and saws will continue to be prohibited from carry-on bags.

— Lighters will continue to be banned from the cabin of aircraft and in checked baggage.

Coolest bicycle!

This is the coolest bicycle I’ve ever seen… “Zero Bike” is designed by Makota Makita and Hiroshi Tsuzaki from Tokyo, Japan. The bike is a hubless, spokeless and very lightweight bicycle powered by cranking magnetic pedals which rotate the tires suspended between other magnets. It has won a design excellence award by the Industrial Design Society of America.

Update on 10/11/2006: This article got reddited. And from the comments on the reddit, I found a bigger better picture of this bicycle. Click here to see it.

Some might say where the hell did you find this bike? Well I was doing some research on hubless wheel technology. And I came to very interesting sites, being this bicycle one of them. Hubless wheels are kind of like “reinventing the wheel”. Dominique Mottas, is the name of the French guy who reinvented and patented the wheel. For the ones who are still asking what the fuck is a hubless wheel, here is a picture that explains everything. (Not the girl! Look at the wheel damnit!) Check out this site for some more info how these wheels work.
Talking about hubless… Check out this “Hubless Monster” made by Amen Motorsports. This is the first motorcycle with dual hubless wheels. Also it has the largest motorcycle tire in the world. (360 mm) Another record is the wheel diameter. 23 inches… The company has some pretty slick designs. Check out their web pages.

Some more pics of the wheels:

The Sounds and Bloc Party

Lately I`m ignoring my blog. I have nothing to write… I don`t know why, but I lost all my ambition to write something to my blog. : Is it because of lack of change in my life? Is it because blogging was a fashion and gone now, is it because I suck? I don`t know…

Lately I`m listening The Sounds, and Bloc Party. Both are excellents groups. I highly recommend them. (If you like 80s pop, IndRock and a bit punk.) (Here and here are what I think about those two bands in more details and in turkish.)

Lately I`m reading Hardcore Zen by Brad Warner thanks to Oktay. Also I read Ahmet Umit`s Kukla (in turkish). Nice to read, shows a bit how deepshit is Turkey in, but too repetitive and the character talks to himself soo much it is very annoying. Another book I`m reading is Beyond Fear by Bruce Schneier. (I`m thinking about a blog entry just for this book…)

Lately I feel tired, sleepy and bored. I have no idea why…

Lately I am playing World of Warcraft. I have a level 31 priest named Baenre on the realm Malygos. (I feel lazy to link all these keywords, so google them… Baenra is the matron mother of Menzoberranzan to give you a clue, another clue might be “Drizzt” ; ) )

Lately I`m ignoring my blog, my laundry, my home, my cat, my car, my motorcycle, my life…

Enough with the birthday!

I had enough of celebrating my birthday for the last 7 days on my blog! I was away from DC for almost the whole last two weeks. I was chilling in Heidelberg, Germany with my mom and dad.

It was a very relaxing and happy trip. I spent a lot of time with my parents. My dad is making research in Uni Heidelberg, and they are staying in a cute small house in the university campus. I wish they were there in a better season like spring or autumn. It started snowing the day I landed to Frankfurt : ) They told me that the weather was excellent just before I came. Well, I like SNOW OK?! : D

My first goal was to eat a lot of bratwurst! And I must say that I achieved my goals. Especially by scoring a lot of half-meter bratwursts. MUHAHA!

If you are planning to go to Germany, definitely go around Christmas (weihnachten) time. Go and visit the Christmas markets, eat wurst and drink hot wine. : )