Fun with Google Translate

I was playing with google translate, I wanted to get some turkish proverbs and translate them to english, then translate them back to turkish and back to english and so forth… Here are some of the results: ­čÖé

Bilmemek ayip degil, sormamak ayip.
Not to know not shame, shame not to ask.
De─čil, sormak ay─▒p ay─▒p de─čil de─čil bilmek.
Not, not shame shame not know to ask.
De─čil, de─čil ay─▒p ay─▒p istemeyi bilmiyor.
Not, not shame shame not know to ask.

Sinek k├╝├ž├╝kt├╝r, ama mide buland─▒r─▒r.
Sinek is small, but it is sick.
Sinek k├╝├ž├╝kt├╝r ama hasta.
Sinekli is small, but sick.
Sinekli, k├╝├ž├╝k ama hasta.
Sinekli small but sick.
Sinekli k├╝├ž├╝k ama hasta.

S├╝r├╝den ayr─▒lan koyunu kurt kapar.
Separated from the herd the sheep off the wolves.
Bir kurt kapatma koyun s├╝r├╝n├╝n ayr─▒l─▒r.
A wolf’s flocks are separated off.
Bir kurt’s hayvanlar─▒n─▒ kapal─▒ ayr─▒l─▒r.
A wolf’s animals are separated off.
Bir kurt’s hayvanlar─▒n kapal─▒ ayr─▒l─▒r.

Misafir umdu─čunu de─čil, buldu─čunu yer.
Guests are not expected, found place.
Konuklar bekleniyor de─čilseniz, yer buldu.
If you are not guests are expected, was found.
E─čer ziyaret├ži bekleniyor de─čilseniz bulundu.
If the visitor is expected if you are not found.
E─čer bulunam─▒yorsa E─čer ziyaret├ži bekleniyor.
If you can not be found if visitors are expected.
E─čer ziyaret├ži bekleniyor E─čer bulunamad─▒.
If visitors are expected, if not found.
Ziyaret├žiler bekleniyor, e─čer bulunamad─▒.
Visitors are expected, if not found.
E─čer bulunamad─▒ Ziyaret├ži, bekleniyor.
(OK I’m tired here! this is not going anywhere.)

So the morale of the story is: Don’t trust the translations.