Scooter`s legal! :)

This weekend I went to the DMV with the previous owner of my scooter to fix the title problem and register my scooter to the DMV. I managed to do all this stuff in ~2 hours Saturday morning. Now I have a registered scooter. : )

Sunday I made a nice and small trip to Rock Creek Parkway in DC. Scooter runs perfect! : ) Almost no motorcycle driver waves at scooter riders >: (“> Cocky eh? 😛 Funny thing is that I was in a left curve when a Harley rider waved at me and I wave back with my left hand. Next thing I know I was fying to the curb on the right side since I lifted all the force that was keeping me inside the curve! I barely managed to regain the control of the scooter 2 cm before the curb <img src= So never wave with your hand that is looking to the center of the curve! ; )

Weekend ended by washing my scooter to a full bling bling!

Server move soon…

My servers will be removed soon from network where they have been hosted for the last 3 years. I will be moving and soon to another location. Every move = service disruption. So be aware. If you don`t see me, try later. : )

MSF Basic RiderCourse

I attended this weekend to Basic RiderCourse of The Motorcycle Safety Foundation in Prince George`s Community College. I had roughly a year of scooter experience and no motorcycle (with gears) experience. I was considering myself as a motorcycle beginner. So I decided to take that class.

First of all, it is very hard to find a place for these classes. Early this summer, i`ve tried to call several classes around my area but never been able to find any opening for at least a good 6 months.

Last week my friend Atilla called me and asked me if I wanted to attend one of these classes in Maryland and I jumped to the occasion and got registered for a class that was announced as last minute class.

The class was for 24 students and was full. Each of them had a different story for attending to that class. Being bored to be a back seat “driver”, being able to get in and out of the campus, being able not to be harrassed by cops on scooters (ME!), etc…

The first day was on Thursday. It was between 5:45 PM and 9:15 PM. This class was on theorical side of motorcycling. Like how the crashes occur, how the rider can avoid being a crash statistic, main controls of a motorcycle, turns, stops, proper gear, etc… I must say that I am very very happy that theory is followed by practice on Saturday.

You should be on the training ground on Saturday and Sunday at 7:15 AM! You should have a DOT approved helmet, gloves, long sleeve shirt or jacket, boots that cover the ankle, and lots of enthusiasm! : ) If you don`t have the helmet and gloves, they are usually provide there. If any of those items is missing, you go home, byebye…

The training is given by excellent instructors. My instructors were amazingly helpful and very very well informe.

The training bikes are Honda Nighthawks and Honda Rebels (well actually there were only one Rebel) All the bikes were in running condition. Most of them were from late 90s. and few of them were 2001 model.

More to come…

Resolved at last!

Today I had to go to the DC DMV Adjudication service for three tickets = $650.00 total! For the ppl who doesn’t know what the hell was going on, here is the short version of my story.

I have purchased a scooter last year around this time. I was using it mainly for commute (and fun). It didn`t have a licence plate, registration, insurance, inspection, etc… because I was told that it was never required for a scooter under 50cc. (Mine is 49cc) And then after 5 months of usage, I’ve been stopped by an officer in downtown DC. He issued me three tickets for not having an insurance ($500.00), license plates ($100.00) and inspection ($50.00) ($650.00 in total). I denied those tickets and never heard back for a good 8 months from DMV until I received an order of suspension for my driver`s rights in DC! 🙁

In this letter $500.00 ticket was shown as $100.00, $50.00 ticket never mentioned and I had a penalty of $100.00 each for the two $100.00 tickets!!!!!! (in total 2×100+2×100 = $400.00)

SO I went to DC DMV Adjudication services with letter in my hand to get a court day. The court day was today.

I prepared a defense statement of 2 pages with evidences and all that stuff. (in VA my scooter is still not considered as a motorcycle! Go here and check the definition of a moped. ) To make the looong story short, both tickets are dismissed (remember one was lost in suspension order!). My scooter is considered as a motorcycle in both VA and DC as the judge says, and my tickets are dismissed as a warning to me since I have taken the proper action to insure my scooter (oops motorcycle!) and register it.

Anyway, I`m happy that I don`t have to pay all these crap tickets, but i`m not happy that my scooter is considered as a motorcycle, since I have to deal with all this registration and motorcycle driver`s license issues! Oh well….

Comments are on!

I decided to add comments section to my blog to hear from my readers. (if there are any :D) I have to approve the comments first (bad guys and spammers you know!  Also I don`t allow any html code to go into the comments. I just filter them out. So if you want to give some links, etc… Just copy paste the link itself. I might later implement a BBCode type of system.

So far my blog code is totaly screwed up 🙁 My plan was to open the code for these pages to the world and add “yet another blog code” to code junkyard out there. But I am ashamed of it… I might spend some time to clean it and modularize it. We`ll see…

Happy commenting!

2020 update: This was written on my blog code in 2004, way before anything like WordPress existed! 🙂

Zipir – It`s back…

My moron peon is back. purrr… I kept pooing into its room while it was away. I am happy that it found out that its room was smelly and disgusting and full of cat litter! My dominance cannot be prevented… The other moron peon bought some refreshing scents to hang around the room but resistance is futile. You will all be catsimilated! Stupid humans.. Meow…