I`m in Chincoteague, VA. It is a small fishing village which is now I guess more touristic village than fishing 😛 It has one of the most beautiful beaches of the east coast. The beach is more than 30 miles long, situated in a National Park, it is very naturally and well preserved. (Assateague Island National Seashore) There are a lot of wild animals sharing the same habitat when you are in the park. Like deers, squirrels, lots of birds and snakes, etc.. : )

Btw I`m writing these lines very quick in an ice cream shop with wireless access. : ) My mom and dad are bored so I should stop writing and start heading Virginia Beach. They already think that I am uber geek. 😛

Luray Caverns and Skyline Drive

As some of you might know, my parents are here. So we need to make those touristic visits. I`ve been to Shenandoah several times before but never to Luray Caverns and All Skyline Drive. This weekend we decided to go visit both of them. They are 1,5 hours drive from Washington, DC Metro area.

I think if you are living in the area and have a motorcycle, that is a great place to go riding. The road is extremely sweet and twisty. I also suggest you to enter the Skyline Drive from Rt211, that means from Thornton Gap Entrance. (Here is the map) Because few miles just before the junction of 211 and skyline drive is a wild twisty run : ) Be also very careful on the Skyline Drive because the wildlife is very interested into humans. (Especially deers : ) ) Don`t feed them! Consider then not hungry! : )

Unfortunately this weekend I didn`t have my motorcycle. But driving too is always fun! : D There are gazillions of hiking trails that you can take (of course including the 2700+ miles appalachian trail). Please take a moment to help the trail survive by getting informed before hiking and by making donations. (The Appalachian Trail)

Luray caverns are few miles east of the Thorntop Gap Entrance of the Skyline drive, on the Rt 211. That place literally ROCKS! ; ) You have to see those millions years old naturally crafted stalagmites and stalactites. The cave has a guided tour of 2 miles. Although I don`t like the feeling of visiting a cave on an unnatural path along it, this is the best you can get.

Don`t forget to see the one-of-a-kind stalactpipe organ in Luray Caverns. It is the biggest natural music instrument in the world, distributed to almost 3.5 acres it has 32 mallets. It is a masterpiece. I wish I could hear a live concert in the cave. Also visit the beautiful Car and Carriage Museum right next to the cave. Your entrance fee to the cave includes also the entrance to the museum. So don`t miss the chance! ; ) I`ll post some pictures later on.

Phuck off you freakin` spammer!

I now have a stupid spammer trying to flood my blog by sending weird poker links by using my comments. Hey dumbass, I APPROVE MY COMMENTS AND HAVE NO INTENTION TO SHOW YOUR IDIOTIC LINKS TO THE WORLD FROM MY WEBPAGE! So I just closed comments section. Go ahead and try to spam now….

El mi yaman bey mi yaman….

My blog is back online!

I had several problems with my blog. But it looks like it has been automagically fixed, I can continue blogging : )

I`m back from the military service. I`m still one piece. It was a fun experience and I think everybody should have the same experience. : D

My mom and dad are visiting me. So I have lots of stuff to do with them.

The weather is also getting better, so more riding.

Anyway, that`s it for now. I`ll blog more soon ; )