Highpoint Raid Controller drivers under Linux

Here is a mini guide to compile the HPT drivers.

Download the source from here. Scroll down for the source code. (Now version 2.0 supports kernel 2.6.x)

Compile your kernel as usual. Do not include the kernel hpt support for 2.4.x versions. 2.6.x does not have hpt support.

open the tgz archive under a directory.

mkdir hptdriver
cd hptdriver
cp /where/ever/your/tgzfile/is/hpt3xx-opensource-v2.0.tgz ./
tar xzvf hpt3xx-opensource-v2.0.tgz

Take a note of the kernel source tree. (usually /usr/src/linux)

Go into Makefile and change the kernel source tree if needed. There is a readme.txt file in the tar bundle. Read that too.

issue a make.


your drivers are ready! hpt.o hpt37x2.o for 2.4.x kernels and hpt37x2.ko for 2.6.x kernels.

Put them in your initrd file. And boot! ; )