Comcast Terms Change: You Lose Right to Sue

I just received this from a colleague, and it`s really scary. If you are a Comcast customer, take action or you lose your rights! Read below, and full article here.

There is also an online opt-out page from Comcast here.

Snipplet from the article:
ROCKVILLE, Md. – If you`re the type to just write the checks and throw away the paperwork when bills come in, you may want to take another look at your July Comcast bill.

According to Jane Lawton, Montgomery County`s cable administrator, Comcast changed the terms of your subscription agreement.

Customers who do not opt out within 30 days of receiving the Comcast Arbitration Notice will relinquish their right to pursue any legal remedies against Comcast in court, including claims for negligence, fraud or intentional wrongdoing. This means you lose the right to sue Comcast, while Comcast retains the right to sue you.

Here is yet another bash script

I usually end up writing some stupid, sometimes pointless bash scripts. Once in a while, if i`m not in hurry, I share them on my blog. If I needed once, someone else might need it too.

This time the script is about having too many jpg files and putting them in zip files that contains only 19 pictures. : D (This was because of a limitation of a free picture hosting site that I will not name them here, cause they suck!)

Here we go

#Set the initial counters.
#loop for the file in this directory
for i in *.jpg
#ZIPPY is where I collect all the files
    #HERE we count the files and use
    #modulo operation to find the 19th file
let “J=$J+1”
let “REST=$J % 19”
if [ “$REST” -eq 0 ]
# The rest is easy : )
       zip bolum$ $ZIPPY
       let “A=$A+1”

Thank you youtube!

You have no friends, you are a pathetic loser, get some friends by uploading videos…

Thanks for nice comments about my loneliness in this world! This is when you first subscribe to youtube….

I`m on a roadtrip!

Hey blog readers,

I`m currently on a roadtrip with Maria. So far it`s been 5 days and we`ve been to: Blueridge parkway, (470 miles including Virginia, North Carolina) Tennessee, (including Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis).

I will write some summary at the end of the trip with some pics. We are driving, unfortunately we`re not on the motorcycle :

We are currently in Sparta, VA. : )

Here is a teaser ; )