Better news on the n900 battery

I am starting to believe that my battery issues were 2-3 isolated incidents. Lately the phone is staying a full 13-15 hours without any issues with moderate usage: 3g/wifi browsing, media player + FM transmitter and the rest.

One thing I did is to remove the RSS applet and empty the RSS feeds. I almost never use them anyway. The other one is to shutdown the phone, remove the battery, hold the power button for 10-12 seconds, put the battery back and start the phone. I don’t know if any of those had an effect on the battery life.

I also contacted the Nokia support, since I still believe that there is an issue with my phone battery. They will send me a new battery. I will have a chance to compare the new one and the old one.

I had a chance to chart a “normal” usage and the deep sleep mode for the phone looks like working pretty good. I’m hesitant about posting more charts to my blog, but I’ll do it anyway to be fair to the previous post. Here are the charts.


Percentage graph

As you can see: the system load is way better:
System load

2 thoughts on “Better news on the n900 battery”

  1. Hi,

    Ive been having major battery drain issues. I went to the nokia store and got a new battery put it. it was ok for 2 days but now the battery lasts about 5 hours max.

    I had a rss feed (which ive now disabled), and thats it. but the phone was always “online” (wasnt sure how to turn that off). So it would check for new emails ever few mins etc. But i thought these were normal expected useage of the n900 so why would that kill the battery in 5 hours?

    I followed ur advice, but do u have any other idea on what i can do?


  2. Hi Afaq,
    There is a bug report on this issue at this address. You might want to take a look at it. By coincidence the next email after yours in my inbox was an update for that bug saying that it’s now resolved and will be ready for the next release PR1.2. There is no date for this release yet.

    Are you using PR1.1 release? Did you do the latest update for your n900?

    My battery usage went to the better. I immediately removed the RSS widget. I don’t really use it. You might want to start trying to remove it for a day just to test it out. I also deleted all the RSS links in it. (I really don’t know if RSS is draining the battery, but worth a try.)

    Try to get the 3G/GSM switcher application, and try to run your phone only on 2g for a day and see if this makes any difference (It didn’t do any difference in my case, actually it was even worse)

    There is also a topic on maemo forums on this issue. You can talk about your issue here and let people know that you are having similar issues.

    Keep in mind that there is also a wifi related battery drain issue. If I’m not mistaken, it was related to static IP when using a wifi connection. Check the forums 😉

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