Eckerd Hi-Tech Dental Floss!

We use dental floss. And that is a cool thing. A dental floss might be waxed, scented, or artificially flavored.

But goddamnit… HOW the hell a Dental Floss can be Hi-TECH?! Does it have a tiny little electronic chips for cleaning our teeth? Is it remote controlled, can it connect to Internet and download mp3 to our teeth? WTF?

I`m sick and tired of companies that put Hyper, Mega, Ultra, etc… articles in front of their products. (Aqua Net – Aerosol Extra Super Hold Unscented, Revlon – Super Lustrous Lipstick, Aussie – Mega Styling Spray……..) Now it`s not enough… Cause they just killed the real sens of the words, they are “creating” and misusing new articles! Hi-Tech, natural, organic… these are all misused words in our daily life.

You run into the store and buy that “organic” shampoo. Dude… Get real… Who knows how many inorganic machines are used to produce that “organic” shit.

I only go and buy a good product. I don`t care about anything else. I even refuse such products as High Tech Dental Floss.

One thought on “Eckerd Hi-Tech Dental Floss!”

  1. I`ve used this stuff and it really is the best I`ve found. It is similar to Glide which is made of Gore Tex. This really is a high tech fiber. Hi-Tech is about half the price of glide and it works better because you can get it waxed which doesn`t slip in you fingers. Like Glide is doesn`t get stuck between your teeth like ordinary dental floss.

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