Ny Trip

My friend Asli came to visit us (me and my buddy ozgur) She is our long time friend from Istanbul. She is a math genius and an atomic ant. Anyway we went to NYC to have some fun and show her around. The trip was excellent. We first went to SoHo and ate brunchish food in canteen which i didn`t like that much 😛 It is overpriced for that quality food, but hey this is NYC.

Then we all went to Red Lion bar. We had to give a call to my NY bird friend (turks: you`ll understand this direct translation from turkish 😉 Oktay and his sweet GF to suggest us a bar. At the end of the night we were very very happy that we gave them a call 🙂 They couldn`t join us 🙁 Next time maybe :/ Anyway…

There were two cool bands playing in Red Lion. The first one was two acoustic guitars playing nice music. I couldn`t get their name. The second band was Play on Red. Those guys rocked the club and made everybody dance. even me 😛 Here are some pictures of play on red. I don`t know their schedule but they are good so i recommend you to see them 😉

I don`t remember how we got back to the hotel. But Ozgur was snoring like a mofo so I couldn`t sleep 😛

The morning with 1,5 hour sleep and 7 Guiness beer I had a headache. We had some food in a crappy Times square deli (The quality of the food is inverse proportional with the distance to the times square. Same shit for the price also) and we went to Central Park. I like Central park. Huge buildings and smöll trees. Crowded and alone.

We spent some time there and went to see metropolitan museum. I didn`t get in, instead i watched that dude called laser something, who was juggling, mime, and marionette (puppet) dancing, etc.. (i`m tired)

We realized that Asli was late for her flight, so we dropped her to Penn Station for her to take an LIRR train to JFK airport. (She landed safe to Germany)

I have some pictures of the story. I`ll place them in my album soon. NYC is always fun.