6 years ago today…

I was shaken, rumbled, psychologically taken down like most of the Marmara area. 6 years ago, today, North Marmara region was hit by a big earthquake. It caused thousands to die, disappear, injured, homeless, poor… 6 years ago this week, I was there for search and rescue operations with few friends. 6 years ago this week, I couldn`t save lifes of the habitants of this collapsed house after digging 6 hours, I couldn`t help this family to recover their son`s body under the massive building… He looked so alive. :

6 years ago this week, I saw the devastation of the forces of the nature… 6 years ago this week, I understood how cruel can be some, to steal poors leftovers, to build such fucked up buildings, to steal the dogs of the rescuers… 6 years ago this week, I understood how people of different race, gender, nationality, can become one to help the poor, the sad, the homeless, the injured…

I spent 3 days in the earthquake area, I spent a life there… I learned so much in 3 days, that I learned in 3 years…

I still hate how almost nobody learned from the mistakes. Same buildings, same thiefs constructors stealing from concrete and steel, same idiots ruling the country…

Worm in the wild for MS05-039

Things are getting wild. Several worms (variants) are out for MS05-039. If you are not patched yet, please do it now especially for Windows 2000 computers! Windows XP SP 2 and Windows 2003 users, you are in better shape for the moment…

Some good info on these specific worms (Now nine variants: Zotob and IrcBot variants) can be found here, F-Secure weblog.

I also got news that CNN, NY Times, Capitol Hill, and lots of companies are hit by this worm. Just google Zotob on the news section. You`ll have tons of info on the havoc ; )

Say hello to the FM Galaxy!

This is not the FM that you see in the radios, no no, it is not FreshMeat.net either… This is in fact a turkish site for technology and geeky news. Sounds like slashdot right? NO! We don`t have idiot commenters in this site… Well, maybe not that much… : )

FM has now a blog aggregator for the participants of the site. They call it galaxy. (keywords: hitchiker, 42… Capish?) It is in turkish mainly.

So my blog is now in the galaxy ; ) No more naked chick pics ; ) Sorry!

Software version comparison table.

I read this in on one of the Fazlamesai comments, which also was taken from some other site. : D

Here`s the comparison table:

Open source calls it: alpha testing, Microsoft calls it: 1.0, Google calls it: shhhh … top secret, Apple calls it: unsubstantiated rumors

Open source calls it: beta testing, Microsoft calls it: 2.0, Google calls it: beta testing, Apple calls it: rumors with possibly some substance to them

Open source calls it: release candidate, Microsoft calls it: 3.0, Google calls it: beta testing, Apple calls it: copies are circulated to the usual suspects, who eagerly publish reviews describing it as the “most innovating product yet!”

Open source calls it: 1.0, Microsoft calls it: varies. Previous names have included 3.1, 95, 98, 4.0, 5.0 or X, Google calls it: beta testing, Apple calls it: released to the market place, Steve Jobs goes on record to say that it is “insanely great”.

Open source calls it: 2.0, Microsoft calls it: SP1,2,3…, Google calls it: beta testing, Apple calls it: a recall

Microsoft won a war against spam!

And the spammer company is paying 7 million dollars ($7,000,000.00) to Microsoft… Why to Microsoft? Did this company spam Microsoft? Or because Microsoft found the right occasion to sue the bastard? Oh by the way, this is a settlement. I pay you, you stop charges, I am happy you are happy. We are business family. Here is the BBC article.

Micro$oft will use this many to fight against spam… Could you be more cruel than this?

More dangerous than Israel!

Isreal ordered its ships not to dock to Turkey anymore because of the latest terrorism bombingsIsrael urges its citizens to avoid Turkish coast

I`m not going to use any acronyms here… What the fuck?! Everyday, people of Israel (and more in Palestine) are threatened by bombings and oppression forces. What the fuck?! Bombings is a daily life in Israel… (Not that I`ve been there, but that`s what I read everyday in “reputable” media sources) What the fuck?! I cannot find the words… Should I be frustrated that bombings are daily life in a country? Or should I be frustrated that in this everyday bombings Israeli officers still find Turkey more dangerous than Israel… I mean! W T F?!

Here, in my own blog, I urge Israelis to leave some parts of Israel because their life is in danger, I read about bombings everyday… 😛

Thank god 80% of Israeli tourists are not listening their government and the other 20% diverted their plans to another vacation facility in Turkey