VCD transcoding

I have two video files that I want to transcode into VCD format. Both files` container formats are mpeg. (352×288). For some reason K3b did not like them to burn to a VCD. So I had to use transcode. Here is the command line that I used.

transcode -V -y mpeg -F v,1 -E 44100 -b 224 
-i input_file.mpeg -o test

This creates the video and audio files needed.

And then you have to merge (or sync or whatever the term is )these two files. To do that:

tcmplex -o test.mpg -i test.m1v -p test.mpa -m v

Voilà! Your file test.mpg is ready. Drag and drop to k3b and burn.

More info

man transcode

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