Skype? What a ripoff!

Oh you are using Skype and very happy with that right? Well I`m NOT! Here is my story.

I purchased SkypeOUT minutes from Skype on the 22nd of December 2005.
This was just a 10 euro purchase (which was around $12 at the time of
the purchase) I felt safer to use PayPal and made this purchase over

I was in Germany at the time and didn`t check my Skype account until
the new year 2006. I found out that actually my payment never been
credited to Skype although it was taken from my credit card and PayPal
account. But this was only the beginning of the nightmare!

I said no problem, every company has problems and with thousands of
transactions going around, maybe I was the unlucky one. I tryed to
contact Skype by phone first. But a company that is giving a phone
service DOES NOT have a phone number that I can call and get support
: ) YAY! great job Skype!

Then I tried to file a complaint from their support web pages. Be
careful there! Be very very careful if your support request passed
through! Cause at the end page there is a small part that “confirms”
your request! If you ask me it is bullshit! It is another way of
tricking the user, giving her a feeling that the support request is
opened but not really opening the ticket…

So after trying twice to open a ticket on their web system I received
an email saying that the billing services will contact me in 48 hours.
I work on computer field, if I don`t reply an incident in few hours I
WILL BE FIRED! But not Skype workers I guess…

Of course nobody contacted me in 48 hours. On the third day of the
request I went ahead and requested an update. Yep, you guessed right!
Nobody was giving a damn about me. I am a customer who can be fucked
easily by creating a maze of support process. But oh no baby, oh no!

I was busy or I didn`t care that much about my 12 dollars, I went to
the customer support site to check out the status of my request after
11 days of opening my case, and 8 days after the update request.
Aaaaannndd??? My ticket was CLOSED! : ) YAY! Auto magically closing
tickets. (And of course no refunds, no credits to my Skype account…)

I reopened the ticket today, reported this incident to PayPal (since
paypal and skype are both owned by the great major father company
asshole eBay, I don`t have much chance right? That`s what I think

Well I am giving Skype three more business days, and I will report the
incident to American Express customer service (ridicilous, but I will
do whatever I can).

By the way, if you thikn I`m a whiny bastard, ranting on his blog, please check Skype forums, billing section, how many more whiny bastards there are! We are getting raped by Skype everyday…

And I`m doing what Skype is suggesting
me to do! : ) I`m showing my friends that I downloaded Skype, used it,
and I`m fucked by them over a ridicilous amount of money. Please if
you, my friends, want to be fucked by another major company turn your
asses to their services…