Sony got caught pants down! :)

Sony installs rootkit on its clients computers! Rootkit is used to cloak the process that prevents copying the music CD that the client wants to play in his(her) PC. On top of it, if the client wants to remove this piece of code, it breaks the system!

Buy a CD from Sony, they OWN you!

Much more info here and here

The record companies lost the game by not following the technological advancements… Now we, customers must pay the price for that… Nothing happens to the big players… Fuck that shit!

Voicemail delay…

I miss my calls most of the time because it quickly drops to my voicemail before even picking it up. So I wanted my phone to ring longer before going to the voicemail. I made some research and found this site. Although it was for another cell phone provider, it worked for me too. (T-Mobile)

– First, dial *#61# Get the number that returns you. I believe this is the number where the phone is forwarded for voicemails. You can also see the time it takes to forward the call to your voicemail. (Mine was 15 secs)
– Take a note of the number (in my case it was something like +1805xxxxx43)

– Type **61*zzzzzzzz*11*nn# (where zzzzzzzzz is the number that you just took a note of and nn is the number of seconds you want) and dial. (For ex: **61*+1805xxxxx43*11*20# in my case: 20 secs wait and forward to +1805xxxxx43)

– You are done! You can check the status by dialilng *#61# again : )