Mad Mad house

Scifi channel has just started its new show mad mad house. It is a “reality” show in which stupids race to get some money. I hate reality shows. They are far from real. They are absurd, and boring. Especially the elimination phase. OMG! this is nothing about elimination, it is for commercials god damn it.

As a pathetic loser audience, we are waiting them to cry, or stay cool, or laugh when they eliminate but you know who is laughing the most? Not the winner of the “show”, not the wackos who are eliminating the others, guess who? TV PRODUCERS! They get paid because we are pathetic to enjoy and brain masturbate by seeing some people getting selected or kicked out of the “show”

This is all about being cool or being the loser. We love to see people lose. We just enjoy seeing the misery of others. Those who love and enjoy the misery of others, i hope you will laugh to your own misery someday.

I was talking about something else. Yeah, reality shows. How much a show can be real? What real life can you bring on TV? The real life is boring. TV would loose money by showing boring stuff. So the real life can never be on TV. Why do they call it “reality TV” then? Because we loser TV watchers want to see other people`s “real” lifes and expect that their life is better or worst than our pathetic work, home, sleep triangle. Guess what? IN REAL LIFE PEOPLE DON`T SCREW EACH OTHER IN A LOCKED HOUSE. IN REAL LIFE YOU CANNOT FIND A VAMPIRE MORON, A HAITI VOODOO MOMMA, A NATURE BOY, etc… SLEEPING IN THE SAME HOUSE TEACHING TO COMPLETE MORONS THEIR LIFE STYLE!!! YOU CANNOT FIND AN EXOTIC ISLAND FULL OF BEAUTIFUL CHICKS AND HANDSOME GUYS READY TO SCREW EACH OTHER. THIS IS NOT REAL. So stop calling it a “reality TV Show”. For more thoughts on misusing words, read my Eckerd Hi-Tech Dental Floss! blog entry.

I don`t like TV 😛

Quote from david: (very cool one)
(00:25:04) david_k: when you put people in front on a lens..
(00:25:08) david_k: they act totally different